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06-07-2009, 07:25 PM
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One thing people often do wrong is try to shoot a one timer like they would a regular slapshot. if you watch the pros or college players often they have their hands up high close together towards the knob end. This gives you more time and space to catch up to a crisp pass for a one time redirect shot. It allows you to stay balanced through your followthrough and have good strong weight transfer.

For a slapshot type one timer obviously there are different kinds and the most common is the stationary one where you are not moving in which case depending on whether or not you want to let fly high or low you shoot those like a regular slapshot unless you just want to redirect it with a sweeping motion then you may want to change where yoiur hands are on the shaft to be up higher and closer to your knob hand for leverage and stick whip.

The ones while skating backwards are the toughest and often a redirect type shot with good followthrough is called for. Sometimes less is more when shooting onetimers is my point. You don't have to put a onetimer through the back of the net with a malkinesque 90mph onetimer.

Often the quicker the release the better a scoring chance you will get. Who cares if you can shoot a 110mph onetimer if the goalie has all day to slide over and block it.

But the most important part of a onetimer is the pass you got which has to be a good one, I like my onetime pass to come right between my feet in my wheelhouse.

If skating backwards you can manuever yourself to make sure the pass is where you like it though like i said this is the onetimer hardest to shoot but the hands high on the shaft will help you catch up to it. Think of it as choking up on the bat in baseball.

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