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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
They sure don't make it like they used to. Composite sticks have such smooth finish on the blades, I think this is part of the problem?

Best advice is to ... Make sure the blade is clean and dry before you tape it, wind the tape onto the stick as tight as you can, pressing it onto the blade each time you go around...and then steal a candle off the mantle and coat the tape with it.
Yep that is how I do it ... I melt the wax in with a heat gun to boot and it helps the tape glue to really stick well.

And yes the old woody sticks had raised lines that did help with shooting friction. I have seen an RBK composite stick/blade that had that ribbed look made into it. I forget what it was called but had a Crosby name on it and some snakegrip thingie on the shaft. It was gold and black colored with white.

I cannot use plain white tape on a stick any longer because I use a composite blade that is smooth. I agree that they need the raised ridges too.

I get good results with a tougher black cloth tape though and I use the 1 inch wide tape. I used to use the extra wide white athletic tape but it just doesn't work on these smooth blades anymore which is a shame because the white tape lasts longer.

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