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10-07-2004, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Fish
I imagine we'll probably start hearing about the final cuts around Sunday, perhaps Monday. The pack don't play until the 16th so there's a chance they might take the whole week to make some of the last moves.

From what I can gather it sounds like they're going to try and keep 23 players...Here's my guess:

1. Labarbera, G
2. Valiquette, G
3. Pock, D
4. Tyutin, D
5. Nycholat, D
6. Balej, RW
7. Betts, C
8. Ortmeyer, RW
9. MacMillan, D
10. Gillies, LW
11. Gernander, RW
12. Wiseman, LW
13. Moore, C
14. Kondratiev, D
15. Giroux, LW
16. Ulmer, F
17. Helminen, C
18. Hollweg, F
19. Grenier, D
20. Lampman, D
21. Weller, LW
22. Stals, F
23. Lawson, F

I/R Murray

The last two are the ones I had the toughest time with...Stals should probably be in the ECHL, while Lawson...well I'm not much a fan but he is having a good camp offensively.

Some of the remainder would go to Charlotte, and I'm guessing they might even send some elsewhere...perhaps the SPHL or UHL? Of course there isn't a limit on how many players they can keep on the roster, so some others may be kept up...
While there isn't a limit on the roster size, there is a limit to how many players can dress each game. Don't know if they changed the rule this year, but it can be as low as 17 dressed (or 18 or 19, no more). Given that limitation (and the comments I've seen from the organization), it's likely that they will try and place as many players as possible in situations where they will be playing regular minutes, rather than carrying a bunch of extras on the Hartford roster.

I also see you have Lee on the fast track to the Checkers. We'll see how much influence TLB has on the Hartford roster!

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