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10-07-2004, 11:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
I've been a fan since I saw my first Ranger game at the old Garden. If there is no season the league will do whatever it wants with the draft. So far, I haven't seen anything to suggest they will do any of the "haves" any favors whatsoever.

After all, one of the proposals the League has floated is to take away draft picks from teams over their cap limit. The Rangers have a payroll right now for this season of over $44 million and that only covers 18 players. They have over $27 million tied up next season with only 4 players under contract. If the NHL has its way, we'll be lucky to get a pick in the 4th round.

PS: salary numbers come from outsidethegarden. Once again fish comes through with useful information.
well lets remember the devils right now have a payroll over 50 million. i didn't say what the league will do i simply stated what the league should do. you mention one league proposal but remember they had 5 other proposals. i do not think the league will cater to the rangers but i do think they should to some extent. a healthy rangers franchise makes for a healthy league.

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