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06-08-2009, 01:16 AM
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A lot of knee flex helps keep the stick down.

Also try to keep your stick like a half a foot in front of your pads when you're in your stance. That way the space allows your wrist to cushion shots and control rebounds, and your stick can move independently of your pads (i.e. when you butterfly the stick doesn't have to move). I also like to stick my blocker elbow up towards to top corner. It drives the weight of my arm down on my stick and sort of forces me to keep it down and takes away the top corner for the shooter visually, which is good if you're a small goalie. Also the lie of your blade and length of your paddle might be shorter than you want. I like a really long paddle, and a relatively vertical stick. I am only about 6 foot, and my stance is lower than a lot of goalies, but I like to carry my hands high.

As for the angles, I do the same thing sometimes when I am playing lazy (if my teams winning by a lot). Whenever the puck leaves my zone, I try to go back to my posts and put a hand on each corner (sometimes I talk to them, that is definitely a personal choice though, haha). I stay there until I have to leave the net, this way, I have a recent spatial reference to what I am protecting. Before I would just float out in the top of the crease, because I knew I was going to come out of my net to cut the angle down (I am very aggressive in this respect). The problem was that I was sitting in front of my net for a minute or two and would lose the reference point I had from touching the posts and standing in the center of my net.

When you say your angles are bad, is it a trend in one direction, or are you just all over the place. I.e. are you leaving too much net short side, far side or both on different occaisons?

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