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Originally Posted by Brentbreakaway23 View Post
The stuff I have is from Andover Hockey and I just don't like it.

It doesn't seem to adhere very well and comes unwrapped during games. I put a lot of wax on my stick maybe that's part of the problem?
I use Andover black tape and love it. it has more grip on the puck than white tape as well as some other black cloth tapes I have used.

Yes it is easier to have turn into crap I agree. The better performance for me though makes me still use it and money for extra tape isn't an issue with me. I go through a lot of it but it really puts some serious spin on the puck for saucer passes and some great zip on slapshots.

Okay what I do to make it last is coat it with wax and then melt it into the fabric with a heat gun. The heat gun also bonds the glue better and it makes it last much longer. I can play 2 full hours of shinny hockey with it after which it needs to be replaced. It lasts me for about 3 league games though. Before I heated it up it would last half of a shinny and I would change the tape every league game.

Hope this helps.

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