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Originally Posted by Everest View Post
I agree. I do, however, believe that exaggerated weight transfer/tourque should NOT be one the FUNDAMENTAL FOCAL POINTS for a player who is LEARNING to shoot the puck.

The agility required to gain the kind of force required to flex almost ANY hockey stick is something that should be learned AFTER several other more basic aspects of shooting.

As a players overall skating and balance increases...the ability to generate more tourque on shots will also increase.

To begin on rolling the puck from the heel to the toe of the blade and curling your wrists over when you follow through. Its old school, its not flashy and frankly its often boring...but its a simple starting point that with sufficient repittition will provide tangible progress.

Binding tourque into the what you ultimatley want to be doing...but if you wan to build that into your need to build it into your SKATING first.

Practice picking a skate off the ice and gliding on one leg. Practice quick cross-over skating steps. Practice alternating skates off the ice...(all basic skating drills) but don't assosciate these drills with shooting. You wan to master these skills before you BEGIN to tie them into your shooting skills.
True. It will take you a while to get the weight transfer and arm technique right. Once you do that, you move into advanced technique, and that takes several years to get down. Hockey is a very slow sport, improvement wise. One big tip once you get the basics down, the main point is weight transfer, but what amplifies your power is not your arms or wrists, its your BACK. A good back bend with the lower/middle back will way improve the velocity of a pass or shot.

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