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06-08-2009, 04:26 PM
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Well your post probably got taken that way was cause suprisingly there are a lot of people from what I have seen that seem to just hold it up long before a pass is about to come their way. The way you just described seems to be more of you having good timing and coordination between you and your teammates. Just seems you meant havin it full on out in the air. Sure it all comes down to preference and skill level too in the end.

edit - and just to clarify a lil with the "stick on the ice" for me atleast I dont keep it right on the ice , but I keep it in position around that general area and as for now I have no issues cockin it back a lil intime for a pretty good released shot, sure the higher level you are the faster the pass will be to you allowing less time etc, but at that point you are prob on a good team thats hopefully well coordinated. Him being casual I assume he probably isnt at those levels.

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