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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
I made an extraordinarily long-post about this in the rumors thread, so I'll try to sum it up here.

A) Briere's money goes to J-Bouw, so you still lose JVR/Giroux in 2 years.
I would like Briere gone regardless, so not really a problem with that. JVR will be signed for three years, and Giroux's money will be contingent on other developments.

B) Still no flexibility, doesn't improve our cap situation.
But does it improve our team? I think so.

C) Knuble will be retired/not here in 1-2 years.

D) Lupul is as good as gone.
Should be gone anyway.

E) Forward top-6 in 2 years if we sign J-Bouw. Richie, Carter, Gagne, Hartnell, Giroux. Assume we deal JVR. That's 5 guys.
So, someone else steps up from the minors or you sign a veteran. This is how everyone operates, not everyone has the glut of forwards we've had the past two seasons, in fact it's bizarre how many good young forwards we've had.

F) Wings have 10 forwards averaging 12 minutes or more in the postseason I believe (essentially 9 now that Datsyuk's back).
We had 9 this postseason.

G) We'd have 5 in that scenario.
In that scenario, minutes would be going to other players...some you can possibly identify, and some you cannot as of now.

H) We're already in big trouble on forward depth and after JVR/Giroux, we have no prospects outside of Nodl and Maroon and Matsumoto who can't even play AHL defense.
Right now we have ridiculous forward depth if you look around the league. I'm not sure what league you've been watching. What we have, however, is an unbalanced set of forwards that aren't necessarily good at playing the different roles you need forwards to play. We need a bit less offense, and a bit more checking/grinding ability as we go down the depth chart.

I) No depth. If one of those 5 guys goes down, you're looking at playing 2 AHLers/2 grinders top-6 minutes.
Welcome to a salary cap league...and you seriously need to re-evaluate your dire predictions about the top 6 as we move forward here. So, sure, Bouwmeester gets Briere's money...but who gets Lupul's? Who gets Carle and Jones' money (both of whom would likely be gone)?

Assuming you can move Briere, there is far more flexibility here than you're allowing.

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