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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Coburn gets Lupul's, Carle's and Jones' would have to go towards signing a decent goalie plus a probable raise for Parent. Also, if Carter has another couple 40 goal seasons (likely), he's in for a significant raise.

As I pointed out in my other post, pretend you sign J-Bouw for 7 million. Kimmo + Coburn (4.5-5 mill) + J-Bouw is roughly 18 million.

Now you add the 5 forwards, Gagne + Richie + Carter + Hartnell + Giroux (say 3 mill for him). That's 23.2 mill.

So that's 41 mill on those 8 players. You still don't have a goalie and you still don't have a full top-6.

Fine, let's pretend we trade for Harding. Guess who's an RFA after next year? So we either trade for Harding and he plays really well and signs a short-term deal for 4 million for 2 years or something like Biron did so he can prove he's an NHL starter (so we have to pay him after 2 years) or he crashes and burns.

Of the guys that played 12 mins or more for us last year, Briere, Lupul, and Knuble would be all gone and I'm personally not thrilled about playing Darroll Powe 14 minutes per night as a 3rd line anchor.

You say replace those guys with prospects, what prospects? Nodl can't play NHL defense, Maroon is a top-6 or bust type guy, Matsumoto can't play AHL defense. After JVR and Giroux, we have a dearth of solid offensive prospects, particularly the consistent 3rd line guys like Upshall.

I mean, you are looking to sign one veteran to play the top-6, 1 goalie, and an entire bottom-6. With 12 million dollars at best.

Good luck.
Harding is an RFA as of THIS July 1st. He should be signed around $2-2.5 million per until he hits UFA.

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