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06-08-2009, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Rebel Banker View Post
it's hard to argue against getting a guy like jbo...that said it seems like you would start a domino affect where every year you were struggling to keep key players because so much of your team was wrapped in a few players.

i would feel more comfortable doing that if jbo had played his ass off this season and carried his team into the playoffs at least. quite the opposite, he really faded down the stretch. in my opinion. if you want to argue that point fine but you would have a hard time arguing that was even FLA's best player down the stretch.

if we are going to pony up that kind of loot for a dman, possibly at the risk of disrupting the rest of the team for several years then you need to assure me we are getting larry robinson and not bob daley.
Well, the counterpoint would be that he carried them for a nice stretch there in the spring...and it's no shock that a guy playing 27 minutes a night faded down the stretch...

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