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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
I don't think Briere will move, but there's no harm in discussing the possibility even if it's extremely unlikely and the J-Bow-Briere discussions do mesh together obviously.

On to your points.

A) Sbisa is going to be making significantly more than 875K in a couple years unless he busts.
Then you make a decision between him and someone else...I don't need to spend a lot of money on a third pairing defenseman. If Sbisa is #4, then move someone else.

B) I posted on Coburn in another thread and I think he took the sweetheart deal with the understanding that the Flyers would take care of him. If he has a solid year this year, I'd expect a 4.5-5 million deal, so you have 500K left over. I think that bringing in Bouwmeester means you have to deal Coburn after 09-10 and keep in mind you're likely paying J-Bouw 2 mill more than you would pay Coburn.
Coburn did not take a sweetheart deal...he hadn't even played a full NHL season when he signed that contract. And given that you spent half the season *****ing about his play, I'm shocked your debating with me that he deserves more.

I really don't expect signing Coburn to a three year deal at a reasonable number to be too much of a problem unless he really shows some offense next year...if he shows some offense, then you have an interesting problem. However, as a RFA, I don't think he would complain too much with a 3-year 10.5M deal.

C) Figure Carle's + Jones' salaries for goalie and Carter raise and maybe some for Parent.
Okay...both are overpaid for what they do anyway.

D) If Campbell got 7.1, J-Bouw is going to get 7 even with the economy, the Leafs would definitely offer him that and I think they have the cap space to do it.
Maybe, but remember that all the guys that bankroll the idiocy of the last few years...just got f'd up the ass by the markets since last summer. This isn't a matter of GMs wisening up, it's a matter of ownership telling them they can't afford the spending that we've seen.

And the Leafs are a rebuilding team that may not even have Kaberle at that point...I doubt we're going to see Bouwmeester sign up for that scenario this summer.

E) A problem with your perfect little scenario is that you're assuming injuries don't happen. The problem is that injuries do happen and that when they do with J-Bouw's salary, we're going to have no depth on the offensive end. Like I said, if any of those 5 forwards get hurt, we're up a creek without a paddle.
Watch the NFL much? What happens in the NFL when players get hurt? Either you're f'd, or some young player needs to step up and fill the spot. As the world flattens in the NHL, that is your injury insurance policy, young players on your club and in your system.

F) Powe is a 4th liner who can play PK. I like him, I don't like him playing 14 minutes per night.
It's easy to get to 14 a night if you're a smart player and getting out there on the PK.

G) My biggest concern isn't the 4th line, it's the 3rd line. In today's NHL, I really think you need 3 solid lines to win. Detroit's had that the last 2 years and so has Pittsburgh.
So, you spend less on your third pairing than we are now...and Detroit and Pittsburgh are both unique and teams we aren't going to be able to replicate despite your best efforts. We aren't going to have anyone in Staal's class, nor are we in the gravy train as far as the salary cap that Detroit has been experiencing the last few years (and is about to come to a halt).

I would personally take Coburn + our D and 3 solid lines as opposed to Bouwmeester + our D and 2 solid lines.
I don't think this binary is necessarily the definite you assume it is.

The difference in salaries between Coburn and J-Bouw is likely 2 mill which buys you a very good 3rd line C.
And is money that can come out of some other roster spot.

This may not quite line up from the talent standpoint, but I take Coburn and Malholtra for our team ahead of Bouwmeester.
Seriously, who are you? When did FlyHigh start thinking Coburn was this great?

You can have an all-world D top-4, but you're going to have a fairly average 3rd pairing and that 3rd pairing is going to spend a lot of time on the ice with the 3rd line, that's just the nature of hockey.
I'm sorry, were you not the one ragging on the third pairings of the Red Wings and Pens a little bit ago?

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