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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
Exactly, it was an extraordinarily dumb deal to sign seeing as he was in the middle of a breakout season, why would he do that? Makes absolutely no sense unless something happened behind the scenes.

Coburn had a normal sophomore slump. He did a lot of stupid things with the puck and was paired with a fairly average defender. Sure he was poor, but he's still a good talent, I think he'll bounce back strong this year personally.

I pointed this out numerous times during the year, but I do think Coburn's level did go up after 60 games or so and he did pretty well in the postseason.

Never underestimate the power of buck as far as J-Bow potentially signing there. And the Leafs easily make the most money in the league, if they want Bouwmeester, they'll make him a good offer.

Who are these magic young players in our system to fill these gaps? I don't see any of them right now with the possible exceptions of Nodl and Maroon. So you're basically saying we're going to be drafting NHL contributors in our next 2 drafts.

That's like 7 minutes of PK time per night, nobody plays that much.

Obviously not, I'm not saying we're going to have Staal or Filpulla anchoring our 3rd lines, but I don't feel like watching a Powe-Matsumoto-Nodl 3rd line either.

Where? You of all people like to complain about our lack of flexibility.

Coburn had a sophomore slump. He looked noticeably less confident with the puck, took a lot of dumb penalties, and had to adjust to leading a pairing instead of having Kimmo next to him. I think that the struggles could be expected, but he still had some trouble, that's just the fact of the matter.

Yeah I was. I think the reason that the Pens and Wings can get away with having average 3rd pairings is because their 3rd lines are both really strong defensively and also can play effectively in the offensive zone.
WOW, I didn't even make it past this part of your post. Holy cow I can't believe how blind most people must be. Coburn wasn't having a "breakout year". He's yet to have one. Oh he's shown glimpses of how good he CAN be but he's never sustained it. HATCHER taught Coburn a hell of a lot in his forst full year here. Once he was bumped up to the top line with Timonen he did alright but everyone forgets just how much Timonen covered up for his mistakes. 1.3 mil was what he should have expected based upon the body of his work to that point. If you have any question just go back to the beginning of this season. Coburn was given charge of the 2nd pairing and he FAILED!!! Our second pairing was aweful. Everyone though Coburn was better than he was and that he could handle running the 2nd pairing because we all thought he had a breakout the previous year. the truth was that it became IMMEDIATLEY apparent just how much of his success was due to him being paired with Hatcher and Timonen the previous year.

We tried Coburn with every possible dman we had on the 2nd pairing and it just wasn't working out. THAT is why we HAD to go out and get Carle. Coburn was bumped back up with Timonen and Carle was stuck with the same guys that Coburn couldn't make work on the 2nd pairing. Guess what happened, CARLE gave us a viable 2nd pairing with the same crappy dmen that Coburn couldn't get the job done with. Now Coburn did turn it around and was playing great at the end of the season but the whole of the season showed just where he TRULY was at in his developement. He's at very much the same point Carter was LAST year when we really came on for the last 1/3rd of the season. If Coburn comes out NEXT season and sustains the level of play from the end of this season THEN we can say he had his breakout season but not before.

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