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Originally Posted by teme View Post
Yes. Other cheaper, more realistic signing: Kovalev. It was years ago, but I've seen him play with Kovy (national team) and it worked really well.
It seems like he'll be getting over 5 million from the Habs.

Havlat and Kovy are both longshots, unless you overpay to the point where it makes no sense.

Kovalchuk doesn't need star players surrounding him. Just players who make room for him to play his game and let him get the job done. In a way he's like Jagr - not the ********* primadonna way, but the large-ego-acting-as-a-motivator-way. Jagr could destroy anyone if he's the "it-guy" on the team. Same with Kovalchuk. Only difference is that Kovalchuk is far more loyal to his team and far less selfish. All the star players he needs to compliment him are gonna come from within.

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