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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
I'd still advise getting it checked out by an orthopedist quickly.

There's a window of roughly 10-14 days from the time of a tendon rupture until the point where irreparable atrophy sets in. A few years back, Justin Harrell of Tennessee actually had the trainers unroll the muscle and basically place the tendon to the point of its natural attachment (through the skin, we're talking), secure it with tape, and put a brace the size of my leg on it so he could play one more game.

A tendon differs from a ligament as it pertains to wear in the sense that a ligament would either need sustained trauma to tear completely or a sudden unnatural force applied in a manner that would stretch it dramatically. For example, a UCL can tear if a pitcher throws a few thousand curveballs over a span of years, or a football player can tear his ACL through one low hit from an angle.

In the case of a tendon, it can only take a very small (dare I say "normal) amount of force to cause a frayed tendon to rupture. It may be fine today and it may be fine tomorrow, but you could do something as simply as pull up on a faucet to wash your hands and completely rupture it.

No orthopedist who's worth a damn is going to recommend unnecessary surgery; get it checked out. If he says you'll be fine with rest, no big. It's a lot better to hear that than "I wish you'd gotten here sooner; now you're looking at permanent damage".
I agree 100% with getting it checked out, it'll take an MRI to determine what damage may have occurred. I thought my arm was okay when I did it too, except for the bruise that went from my elbow to my wrist. I went into the company nurse because I didn't understand why I had this huge bruise from what I thought was a minor injury. She pointed to a lump on the side of my bicep and told me that the lump was the ruptured tendon wadding up and promptly got me an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.

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