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Originally Posted by ph View Post
Of course I've watched them play. I'm also not stuck in the 1970s. Carcillo is a joke. He is not in the box "sometimes." He is in the box more than any other player in the league. If all you want to do is throw Carcillo out there so he takes somebody off the ice with him, that is the role of a 4th liner. Asham shows good hands and 3rd line ability once every 15 games. Lupul shows 1st line sniper talent once every 10 games. Does that make Lupul a 1st liner? I don't care what a player's potential or what they show once every so often. If there is only one 3rd line spot open and it's between those 3 I put Powe on the 3rd line because he brings his game on a more consistent basis and is basically Upshall with less scoring but also fewer penalties taken.
Carcillo also has some offensively ability. If you break down his penalty minutes most of it is from fighting. You are acting as if he is a 34 year old bum. Let the guy get settled and play a full year in philly then judge him. Basically what i am saying is he can play a 3rd or 4th line role. Obviously you didn't understand my point. Asham i would want on the 4th line the majority of the time. But he can come in and fill a 3rd line role if someone was to get hurt. Lupul?? I don't care about Lupul because i want him gone anyways. I agree with you on Powe. I hope John dummy Stevens will make his role as a 3rd line center. The only knock i have on Powe is his faceoffs. But that can be said for all of our centers.

Knuble's veteran presence is easily replaced by Gagne. If losing Knuble kills this team then we aren't good anyway.
Knubles veteran presence is unappreciated and underrated. Listen to Homers video when he talks about Knuble. He says he is a glue guy. This team lacks vets. Especially on the blueline(Outside Kimmo). We have a good core group of young forwards and defenseman.

If the conditional picks are 4th/5th rounders that could become 3rd/4th rounders depending on performance, team's record, whether or not the team can resign them (Jones), etc. it would not be hard to find a team willing to take the chance. They are both still young. The only reason we are trading them is because we are upgrading them to JBo. We may only need to move one of them. Carle being the best for us. Jones being the easiest due to contract length
I have no problems with Jones. Carle and Lupuls contracts need to be moved asap. But what you are not understanding is teams are going to hold us ransom for these cap dump trades. I highly doubt any team would trade conditional draft picks for the contracts these players have that we are suggesting to be move. Not in this economic climate.

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