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06-09-2009, 12:28 PM
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"Utterly mismanaged" implies that it has hurt the team on the ice. It clearly has not. It certainly is an issue in the offseason, and the coach doesn't have to do a lot with that.

Some players don't fit some systems. The idea of changing a system that has shown to be successful to keep one expensive player happy isn't one that I could see as reasonable, and classifying not doing that as incompetence on the coaching side of the board elicits the same response.

Nylander doesn't fit the North-South system, and it seems pretty plain that that's true. Expecting Boudreau to change that system to bring out more of Nylander, but possibly less out of other players, is expecting him to take a gamble against things that have worked for the coach in the past. And, so far, the system is working, even if the expensive player isn't. There has been tweaking. There has been playing time. Nylander still isn't fitting and, somehow, is not having any blame cast upon him when he clearly deserves at least some.

If it's Nylander vs. Game 7 of the second round of the playoffs, I take the second round of the playoffs. And it appears that is what the gamble Boudreau (and McPhee, Boudreau didn't sit Nylander on his own) perceives, and so far the Caps have won more with Nylander in the press box than on the ice, regardless of the coach.

I have to admit, the "Blame Boudreau" sentiment that seems to slowly be gaining traction amongst Caps fans surprises me a bit (though not a lot).

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