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Originally Posted by danishh View Post
so... assuming this is true, who can afford his cap hit.

We'll limit to the west, because there is no way Murray is stupid enough to trade him in-conference and the TSN article states that Heatley is believed to be looking at a Western Conference team.

Ducks: Ryan+ or Perry+
Flames: Phaneuf+ (i really hope not)
Hawks: I'd hope we ask for Keith
Avs: Duchene +
BJs: Filatov++
Stars: I dont see it, but it would have to includ #8 overall
Detroit: no way
Oil: Dont have the one key piece needed.
Kings: Have a lot of pieces, but are they willing to give up multiple good young pieces for that "next step"?
Wild: dont see it.
Nashville: salary-no
Yotes: salary-no
Sharks: no space
Blues: see LA
Canucks: Hodgson+
let's break each of those down further:

Ducks - no cap space for that kind of contract... they already have a lot tied up with Getzlaf and Perry... $7.5mill/yr will impact their team that much more... don't see Anaheim as a realistic possibility.

Flames - makes the most sense, as he would likely want to play there, so waiving his NMC isn't a factor.... the flames would have to do a lot of reshuffling - maybe sending Langkow to another team, to send Phaneuf to Ottawa and then sign JBo... but after the season they had, a reshuffling is a good bet.

Hawks - too many salary problems there... they can't afford to send a dman like Keith, on a bargain contract, to add Heatley... they just dont' have that kind of cap flexibility unless they tear apart their team, which I can't see them doing.

Avs - rebuilding team now... why would Heatley waive his NMC to go there?

Jackets - financial concerns with the franchise... affording his $7.5mill/yr cap hit is hard enough... affording to pay him $10mill next year will be impossible!

Stars - possibility as a reshuffling may happen there as well, but Richards would have to be going the other way to create the cap space, and I'm not sure that the Sens have much value for Richards at this point.

Detroit - as you said, ain't happening

Oilers - another possibility as it's a team that Heatley would waive his NMC to go to, but they would have to send one of their top 2 defenders to create the cap room to make this work.

Kings - good young team, but is this really a team that Heatley is going to waive his NMC to go to? They have yet to prove they are past their rebuilding stage.

Wild - don't see it either

Preds - again financial problems... won't happen

Coyotes - same as above, and risk of relocating, Heatley isn't going to waive his NMC here.

Sharks - good possibility, but Marleau or Thornton would be going the other way

Blues - again, not sure I see Heatley waiving his NMC to go there right now... improving team but still in transition.

Canucks - possibility, but the price would be too high, as you're not only losing Hodgson+ to get him, but also losing any chance at bringing in the Sedins back, which then changes the core and makeup of the team, and will no doubt raise question marks just how competitive they can be moving forward... would Heatley waive his NTC to go into such an uncertain situation?

I basically see only a very few teams that would have the interest in Heatley, be a team where he'd waive his NMC to go to, and have the assets needed to get a deal done...

not a lot of options really.

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