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06-09-2009, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by vokiel View Post
Well what I meant is that usually there's a lot more involved than simply selecting the best player available and that in the end people always come back to this like it's a pair of crutches. For example, it's not just for the fun of it that some teams have silly questions in interviews with certain players and that some players drop on their list based on those interviews. BPA? well.. whatever. More like we'd like this guy to fit with us or someone convinced us that he'd be a good or bad fit.

So in the end it's not entirely impossible that the org picks Leblanc and not because he's BPA on ice, but because, as so many ppl hate to say, the draft is in Montreal, the team needs to satisfy their fan base at the draft sometimes, etc.. etc...

Best Player Available isn't just a on ice concept IMHO.
Oh I see now and I agree with that. When I say BPA, I also think about those things. That's why the drafting list of every team is so different...I know the Habs put effort in meanting the players they like. They even go in their family to meet everyone...

Originally Posted by Waffledave
So is Leblanc the guy who, if we pass over him at 18, the media will whine about for months? Like, on 110% they'll cry about it over and over like they did with Esposito?

You know, they'll have a little montage of Leblanc and then show Gainey saying "the Habs draft..." and get some super terrible english-accent voiceover saying "RY-UNNN MUC-DUNNN AAAAAA??????????"

Like that?
Yup...just like that. Even if he's taken before our pick, people will whine that we did not moved up to snatch him...

And then, they will say we should have went with Caron who is a big player...but isn't ranked anywhere near the top 20 by ANYONE (but media will quickly forget that).

Then, we'll draft one or two quebecois, but they will be in the shadow of the non selection of Leblanc.

Add to the fire the fact the Habs passed over many Quebecois in the first round of the last few draft and you are ready to have a big explosion...

I'm telling you, it won't be nice...

At least, 110% is out for summer...but man, I always enjoy hearing those clown talk about something they don't even know a bit...

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