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Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
I don't remember an Adam Graves deal, but there was that Ziggy Palffy stuff. And, I think a larger part of the reason it fell through was the bitterness between the two teams. Isles wouldn't make that deal without a big cash payment from the Rangers, partially because our ownership group resented the Rangers' flexing of their financial muscle.
Originally Posted by Darth Milbury View Post
The Isles demanded the cash from the Ranger$ and not from the Kings . I think that had a lot to do with he animosity between the teams.

As per "FISH STICKS The Fall And Rise Of The New York Islanders" (Peter Botte & Alan Hahn)

Years as bitter rivals and a silly slanderous ad campaign meant little with Palffy on the block. Milbury and former Rangers GM Neil Smith worked out what would have been a terrific deal for both sides. Palffy and veteran defenseman Rich Pilon would go to Manhattan in exchange for impressive youngsters Niklas Sundstrom, Todd Harvey, the Rangers' first round pick and college prospect Pat Leahy. The deal also included the Rangers padding the Islanders' pockets with an extra $2.5 million in cash. Once NHL commissioner Gary Bettman got wind of that sort of financing, however, he imediately stepped in and ordered it to be no more then $1 million.

Then the word got out -- neither side will admit which was the first to leak it to the press -- and New York was in a tizzy: the Islanders are going to send their best player to the Rangers?

Fans went crazy. The media went crazy. And PR directors from both teams began discussing how they would handle the strange circumstance about to happen.

With a need for a competitive bid to keep the Rangers from controlling the market,the league stepped in again to help the Islanders search for another party with an interest in Palffy. The Los Angeles Kings then decided to make an offer that included Palffy and veteran forward Bryan Smolinksi, who was headed for restricted free agency, thus necessitating that the Islanders dump him as well. The Islanders wanted hot prospects Scott Barney and Justin Papineau in return for those two players. Milbury and Kings counterpart Dave Taylor were quickly able to come to an agreement.

That's when Milstein met former MSG president Dave Checketts at a Knicks playoff game and said he wanted the Rangers to sweeten the pot. Since Bettman cut $1.5 million from the cash exchange, Milstein wanted the Garden's parent company, Cablevision, to rework the team's cable deal so that the team could get more money up front. Or perhaps issue the Islanders a loan, borrowing off the value of the cable contract.

Cablevision said no. The Rangers, sensing Milstein's infamous greed sprouting again, then walked away from the deal.
It then continues with how the Islanders ended up with Olli Jokinen instead of Scott Barney, along with Mathieu Biron, Josh Green and the Kings first-round pick for that draft year.

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