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06-09-2009, 03:56 PM
Ward Cornell
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Originally Posted by HockeyScholar View Post
Yeah looks like the NHL is wanting a $100 million dollar fee. Here is the link:

So this is obviously not as much as most posters thought on here.

If Balsillie agreed he would be paying $100 mil + $212.5 plus the $5 million or so he said he'd put into the arena upgrades.

So around $317.5 million for a team in Hamilton. I'd say this is reasonable.

In which Balsillie probably anticipated from Day 1!

Also, I believe Judge Baum said that the relocation fees also had to be reasonable. If they ended being 100,000,000 per team it may be enough to really send him off into a hissyfit nd who knows how long this gets protracted out.
I sense that both parties will give and take and a resolution will happen a lot sooner than later!

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