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10-08-2004, 04:20 PM
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Penguins fan brought in for my opinion by a member here...

The Penguins had a horrible team last year, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But implying that they tanked is just sheer ignorance. They may have finished dead last in the standings, but last year still provided some of the most entertaining and hard faught hockey I've ever seen. There was only one or two games that the Penguins didn't look like they were giving 100%, and those were catostrophic blowouts.

It's hard to win with the lowest payroll in the league and with the youngest roster in the league. The Penguins gave it their all plus more 80 or 81 times last year. The team was so much better at the end because of experience(every game is huge when you have 0 games of experience going into the season) and a couple new faces. It's not just coincidence that the team starting playing that much better after Ric Jackman was added to the roster.

And it's not like the Penguins just dumped all their good players in a week's time for the hell of it. We're still recovering from a Howard Baldwin induced bankruptcy not even 5 years ago and are fighting for our life in Pittsburgh with the arena situation.

Now if you want to do this argument with the Capitals you may have something, it'd still be complete false, but at least they had the resources to have a winning team for the bulk of the season.

And saying a man like Craig Patrick would tank is just absurd.

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