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Originally Posted by The Kult View Post
so I have some issues with trying to move around a defender when carrying the puck on the rush. One thing I usually try is flip the puck behind the d (or sometimes between the legs if I have room) a little and chase after it, but too often I dump it too hard and lose it. I also try and stop and wait for a teammate to pass but in that case the rush is over. Also if Im by the boards I'll try to play it off those and move around the D.
More often the not tho I simply lose the puck or have it poke checked away.

I tried looking online and youtube for some help but not getting anything useful
So does anyone have any moves they use to get past the D?

Considering Im one of the smaller guys on the ice going in physically wouldnt work, I try and use my speed and size to get squeeze by as much as I can.
Why? One of the best things you can do rather then trying to go around is to cross the blue line with the puck, stop turn towards center ice, he (the defensmen) will back up about two to three feet when you make the turn, then he will try to adjust his position, and then you use him as a screen!

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