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06-09-2009, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by CraigDarby View Post
Well it's not deserving enough if Kovy is still around. Sorry. Kovalev wasn't only our top RW last year, he led the team in points (again) and goals (again). And if you consider Akost's year a down year, you'll have to grant Kovalev the same excuse.

Whether you like it or not, Kovy is still a 1st line player. He might not be able to carry his line 82 games out of the year but he's more of a threat to put points up than Kostitsyn is at this point in time. Lets see Akost get himself 60 points with 16-17 minutes in ice-time and maybe in 2010-2011 he'll of earned the right to ride shotgun on our first line. As of now he's a guy who finished off the last 23 games of the season with only 4 points and played very uninspired hockey. Sure, he wasn't the only one... but he's the one we're talking about giving a first line spot to.
Kovalev put up 65pts playing just under 20min. How is he deserving exactly??..Oh because he had 1 good season out of 3 over the past 3years??

Kovalev lead the team in pts. Great, he had 1 pt more than Markov.
He also started playing well when paired with Koivu and Tanguay.
Plekanec was the most disappointing player of the season.

A.Kost was productive when he was placed with Koivu/D'Ago and with Lang/S.Kost. With Plek, he was very unproductive except a 2-3game stint with him and MaxPac.

A.Kost, just like Kovalev, won't be able to carry their line if their Center is just out of touch.

Find me one 36-37year old holding THE primary spot on his team?

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