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06-09-2009, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Andrew B View Post
Heatley for Hossa was a 1 one of a kind trade. It won't happen again.
Really? Why?

Originally Posted by Andrew B View Post
With him getting a 4 Million bonus, plus his 8 Salary, that moves him into a top-5 player category. Not many owners are probably willing to immediately sink (poor choice of words) 12 Million into a player in his first year, especially given the current economic climate.
I don't know where your getting the $12M # from. He signed a six year $45M dollar deal (10, 8, 8, 8, 6, 5) INCLUDING all bonuses I don't doubt there is a a bonus, and I'll take your word it is $4M in up front money, but it is included in the $8M he scheduled to make next year.

Originally Posted by Andrew B View Post
Saying he has a lot of options is very very naive, as stated above, 29 teams would be interested, and would love to have him however that number gets widdled down extensively when you start applying the salary cap, owner situations, & the economic climate.
There will be alot of teams that will offer up substantial assets to aquire him. He is elite despite his numbers this past season when the whole team was in a slump and he still got 39G. Econoic climate or not the contract is a good contract in todays NHL.

Originally Posted by Andrew B View Post
Personally, Heatley as Hemsky's trigger man would make me pinch a tent, however if you go back and examine most trades, you never get the same value that you give out.
And this is why teams will be interested. Every GM will say "I bet he'll fill the net if he was playing 'player x'" and make a pitch. And while I generally agree that the teams that win trades are usually the ones who get the best player, which in all likelyhood Heatley would be in any trade frthcomming. I think there is a flaw in your statement -- no one wins trades? there are no mutually beneficial trades?
Originally Posted by Andrew B View Post
I think something along the lines of

One of Gilbert / Grebeshkov
One of Cogliano / O'Sullivan
One of Eberle / 2009 first

is probably a fair deal, and I doubt many teams offering better. Potentially the L.A Kings, but who knows.

Ultimately it comes down to the fact that we are all fans, and all want every superstar on our team. We think any deal is fair, and in reality we never get it right. We are worse than Eklund
Gilbert, Cogliano and a 1st is a good offer I don't know how that fits in to what Murray wants. He feels that the team can still win now and would probably want an impact player back. We'll have to wait and see, nothing says he has to even be traded at all.

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