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Originally Posted by speeds View Post
Do they mean 4 years from when the player signed, or 4 years of pro hockey?


Rob Schremp signed on Oct. 7 2005. He was sent to the CHL on Oct 3, and signed just after being sent back down. He started in the AHL in 06/7. He has now completed his entry level contract, and has NOT played in the required 160 games. My understanding is that he has to clear waivers this fall, but am not 100 % certain.

Can someone let me know whether Schremp has to clear waivers this upcoming fall, and also exactly how the rules apply to him?

My understanding in this situation is that it's 4 years from when signed. The CBA language can be confusing on the # of waiver years for 18/19 year old players vs 20+ year old players.

Originally Posted by speeds View Post
I assume the CBA is set up this way so that a team can sign an 18 or 19 year old, send them back to the CHL, and not lose a year of waiver eligibility so long as the player doesn't play in more than 10 NHL games as an 18 or 19 year old.
My interpretation is that the CBA's "default" is 3 years of waiver eligibility for skaters (see ages 20-23). Players signed at 18 or 19 are given an extra 1 or 2 years of eligibility, however if that player hits the 11 NHL game threshold they're immediately reduced to the 3 year waiver limits.

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