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06-10-2009, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
Probably, yeah. Maybe not Burns, but definitely Kesler, who let's face it, is pretty much the same player as Higgins.

The difference is Higgins got caught up in the party atmosphere in Montreal, and didn't have anybody to pull him out of it. Are you telling me Chris Higgins, with strong and capable coaching, along with veteran leadership, wouldn't be a great two-way player? How good would Higgins be in Detroit, or heck, Vancouver, with Babcock or Vigneault coaching him in a real system, as opposed to Carbonneau's "system?"

The problem isn't Higgins. It's the way Higgins was developed.
Maybe but the result is that Higgins, whatever the reason, is a 3rd line player on our team. I really hope that we could do better with our pick this year and have a real offensive player who'll play on top line or 2nd line. Not a ''great'' two-way player who'll play on the 3rd or 4th line with Glen ''The great'' Metropolit and Dandenault. I remember when Higgins was drafted, we were told that he'll be a very good 3rd line player, just like what we heard with Chipchura. Now, we need to hear that the guy, if he reachs his potential, we'll be a force in the league and a top line player. That's the difference.

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