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06-10-2009, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnnyReb View Post
And my point remains; if it were that easy to find that type of guy at 18, everyone would be doing it.

But the fact is if a guy falls to 18 it's because most teams don't think he is automatically going to be that top line, force in the league. If they did, they'd snatch him up way before then. When you start drafting lower in the round you have to hope you either see something in somebody that nobody else sees (as Markov points out, maybe they see first line material in Leblanc (or whoever) where everybody else sees "2nd and 3rd liner."), or that you get one of the best guys at that point anyways. If the 18th pick is a great two-way player, and picks 19-30 are busts, then shouldn't we be happy? Everybody is sooo disappointed in Higgins, but would you rather have Jesse Nitimaki (sp?) instead?

Again, if he's going to be a 100 point MVP candidate, and everybody knows it, he ain't going to last until 18th...

I am loathe to quote Pierre McGuire, but as he always says, "manage the expectations..."
I'm happy with Higgins's pick in 2002, but what I'm telling you is that the 2009 draft is much more stronger and deeper than the 2002. If we draft a guy like Higgins with our 18th this year, I'll be disspointed. But back to 2002, it's a very good pick. I have the feeling that in the 2009 draft, there's a lot of guy who'll be available at 18th, who'll be better than Higgins. I never questionned that pick since 2002, but this year, even if some 1st round guy will butst, it's a stronger 1st round.

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