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06-10-2009, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Brickwall View Post
Feel free to say whatever you want even if you piss off a few Kings fans (and I am a Kings Fan). If you don't like the trade, the players or you don't the color of the uniforms it doesn't matter. If you think the logic if flawed then point it out and back it up OR if it pisses you off that much just ignore it.

The problem with only visiting only your own board is that you only wind up exchanging ideas with like minded people which creates "inbred" ideas. Everyone agrees and pats each other on the back and discourages any real thought.

As for your proposal you raised some great questions yourself but I would also add would Heatly waive his NTC to go to the Yotes? Now hopefully we can have some Yotes fans chime is as to why he would and hear some arguments why he wouldn't.

In the end you won't be hurt one way or the other.

Nah I meant it more is I dont come to this board specifically because I never got into the whole trade proposal scenerio thing, usually I just rather let it play itself out then think of an offer, which I know will probably never ever happen anyway. I like hearing the rumours moreso than anything.

As far as why Im personally not interested in Johnson and Frolov as maybe "dont like" was too strong of words, is because while tremondously skilled, they are sort of a playoff uncertainty to me, and in that regard im referring to Frolov mostly. I just wonder if he would be one of those playoff targets for not showing up. In the end id probably be semi-happy if we got that entire package for Heatley because it means we did get a lot as far as a return skill wise and at least we acquired players who can fill in immediately, just the players im definitely still on the fence about. Lets just say im not holding my breathe that a trade like that is going to happen anyway.

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