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Originally Posted by HURAKAN View Post
I got another Dolomite as a gift, but I broke it. The blade broke right where the hosel goes into the shaft, so there's pretty much the hosel inside the shaft that I can't get out.

What are ways? I tried heating it up, putting in a weight and using force to try and knock it out.. no luck. It isn't like my other dolomite where I just heated it, pulled and eventually it came out. I just want to find a new tapered blade and put that in, but so far no luck as I got all this gunk and **** to take out.
Ok, place the shaft in a clamp and use a paddle bit to chew out the main portion of the shaft. The go to a smaller bit and hit areas where the paddle bit would chew up. Then take a screw driver and hammer (not a chisel) and break up the smaller areas that you drilled. Then it should just fall apart as you move the wood towards the center of the shaft.

Good luck

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