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Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
...I'll be following his progress and will post about my impressions once I see him play. Here’s a qualification schedule of the U16 team to the main league: LINK

Could someone give a rough translation about the main things in this story? LINK

The article describes the road Balazs Sebok took to lead up to playing for one of Finland’s strongest clubs. It began when Balazs and another player, Krisztian Nagy, were noticed by a team from Finland at a tournament in Fussen, Germany. They were both invited to Helsinki for a try-out. Unfortunately for them, they were not successful. However, Balazs was not going to give up as he wanted to further develop his skills abroad.

The next opportunity came in October 2008 when Oulun Karpat invited him to Finland. This time he made a better impression and was invited back again in April….

….I’m guessing around the time you first wrote about him here.

Balazs tells the interviewer that he played 3 games, scoring 4 goals and adding 5 assists. He felt he played very well and made a good impression. Basically, he was offered a contract based on his performance in these three games. He goes on to say that if he does well next year, he might be able to sign a five-year contract the following summer.

Balazs also says that he is being treated well and is given everything he needs. Food, shelter, and schooling will be provided. He also mentions that he will be sharing his living accommodations with the Czech player. The only costs he must bare are the hockey team dues which all players are required to pay. He will be attending an international school. He feels that he will not have any problems as he speaks English well.

His coach, Tibor Marton tells the interviewer that Balazs has been playing hockey for nine years and talks about some of Balazs’ coaches on the team (MAC)

The end of the article just summarizes what has already been written and highlights his statistics from last year.

The comments that follow the article are all congratulatory. Everyone wishes him the best of luck.

I look forward to reading your observations. By the way, how do the Finns pronounce his name?

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