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06-11-2009, 11:38 AM
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I've had two concussions, 5 years apart, and a separated shoulder/broken collar bone that was suffered, in practice, when a TEAMMATE blindsided me on a simple dump and chase drill. That was when I got my second concussion too. I went in to the corner to pick up the puck, glanced over my right shoulder to look at my point man before making a blind pass, and while I was looking that way my teammate came flying in from behind on my left side, left his feet (according to the coach who was furious) and plastered my head and shoulder to the boards. One second I'm looking at the point, just about to send the pass, the next I'm coming to, looking at the cieling. Chipped a tooth too from my teeth slamming together in the back (yes, I had my mouth guard in, it was a back molar that chipped). The part no one can understand to this day is that my teammate was extremely apologetic and we had never had any issue in the past and always got along very well. No one can really figure out why he made such a jackass play in practice.

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