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06-11-2009, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
You do want something a little more open. Technique is all well and good, but an open toe hook is going to allow you to roof a wrister a lot easier and better then a mild closed heel.

The lidstrom is a good choice, at least the old easton one. Anything heel and slightly open should be good for you.
He was talking about slapshots though. A pitching wedge toe blade will definately help roof a puck with a wrister, I mentioned it in my post.

Slapshots though it doesn't really do anything since one doesn't shoot a slapshot on the toe of the blade. If they do they are doing it wrong and probably break many blades and don't have a good slapper to begin with. I've never seen a blade angled that much in the middle or closer to the heel to do that ... maybe I've missed something in 35 years but I would think I would have seen one by now even by accident.

he mentioned his was good but low and he couldn't get his to rise. That is a mechanics issue clearly and there is NO blade available that will help him do a "roof job" as he wanted them to do from the point.

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