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Originally Posted by 190Octane View Post

Middle of the stick and flies off the end it looks like to me. I'm not disputing that you roll your wrist and keep your blade open to shoot the puck but the openness of a blade is going to make a difference on height of shot.

We agree that if you need a open curved stick to shoot in the air your technique is off. What I was saying is that when I shoot with an open blade it goes too high because I'm used to turning my wrists more while shooting to get height.

I think we actually agree on almost everything, all I'm saying is that openness of the blade does make a difference on the height of any shot, not just wristers and snappers.
Well you can see this in the video too ... it does not go up on the toe of the blade of his stick. I wished they hadn't used that quick cut editing crap in that video but I did see what you are talking about eventually. it isn't a toe job though most of the enrgy from a slapshot has already entered or left the blade and you are seeing the puck near the blade but NOT making contact as it is his followthrough with the blade you are looking at almost in contact but the puck is already in front of the blade at that point. AN OVERHEAD WOULD SHOW IT. You can see in your video what I am talking about at about the 6:58 mark, you see the puck leave where i am stating it does. An overhead would show what i am saying.

here is an old wood blade i had in my closet I dug out just to show you what I am talking about. In the video you posted it is the same thing seen there. The puck comes off the blade during the followthrough and it appears like it is rolling along the toe but it isn't.

The circle is where the puck makes contact with my blade. The blue lines are the area in which the puck actually makes contact with the blade. if there were tape over this you would see the puck wear marks match this exactly.

i used this stick only for slapshots and broke it in one day on an outdoor rink I had to myself and my goal cage i load in the pickup truck.

The puck NEVER touches past the furthest blue line I drew with a marker. You can plainly see the white line that is a crack in the blade made from slapshot repetition.

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