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06-11-2009, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by DrTurkelton View Post
I've been playing in basically the cheapest hockey pants I could buy and until recently thought nothing of it. However recently I hit a guy and fell onto the ice and landed on my side and it still hurts like a ***** and Ive gotten a decent sized bruise. Turns out there's basically no padding in the upper thigh/side of the ass area. Would getting some better more expensive pants be worth it? Are there significant differences in protection level?
Yup... my first pair of pants had really thick padding. I couldn't feel a thing if I got hit.

Of course I eventually outgrew them (waist too big, pants too short) and bought a pair of cheap-o pants that have flimsy and thin padding in comparison.

I don't really need it though since I don't play at a very competitive level.

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