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Originally Posted by Wetcoaster View Post
He knows more about backstabbing and climbing over dead bodies.

Big Al Davidson was his model. He mentored MacRae who in turn knifed him with a trumped up criminal charge getting Big Al pink slipped. Last laugh to Big Al he won his wrongful dismissal suit.

For you young 'uns who do not know the sordid history of Neil Macrae - he advanced his career at CKNW by torpedoing his mentor - "Big Al" Davidson with a phony death threat report to the police and to the radio station execs. Macrae is scum.

As Vancouver Sun columnist Denny Boyd wrote at the time of Big Al's firing from THE BIG DAWG:

Big Al then sued Westcom Radio Group Ltd., operators of CKNW for wrongful dismissal and the media (and the judge) had a field day with Macrae.

Lawyer Bill Berardino who was privy to the subsequent meetings at CKNW that culminated in Big Al's firing after the alleged death threat had this to say:

Big Al testified that he hired Macrae in spite of warnings from his friend, sports broadcaster and journalist and former Canucks PR guy, Greg Douglas. Al Davidson says he was warned he would regret hiring Neil Macrae as a CKNW sportscaster.

Oh and for those of you wondering about Neil Macrae's hatred of Tony Gallagher, it comes from Tony's testimony about Macrae's attempt to get rid of Big Al. Here is what Tony Gallagher had to say about Macrae at the Davidson trial:

The judge found in favour of Big Al and came as close as a judge can to calling someone an unmitigated liar without finding him guilty of perjury. The judge also had some choice words for Dave Hodge who seized on the opportunity to move in to CKNW.

Enter Neil Macrae.

Saying Davidson resented Macrae's fast rise at the station, which he joined in 1985, the judge noted there soon was a lot of friction between the two men.

Justice Donald noted much time was taken during the trial examining previous episodes of Davidson's conduct.

As another Vancouver sports journalist I know once remarked - "Neil Macrae is so valuable - he is a real prize one."
Thanks for posting that. Very interesting read.

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