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Originally Posted by quat View Post
I can't stand Macrae, his opinions, his "style", heck, even the sound of his voice.

But as is so patently evident in Wetcoaster's post, the whole lot of CKNW, Big Al and Macrae all come off as supreme ass-hats, and deserve nothing but derision for their behavior.

The fact that Big Al basically lies in court surely doesn't paint him as being owed a whole lot of compassion. I guess you could say at least he wasn't underhanded like CKNW and Macrae.

Anyhow, I will certainly agree that Mcrae is just another blight in a long line of very marginal west coast sports reporters, and adds nothing in the way of information to any sports discussion.
You do have to read the judge's comments in context:

"The evidence revealed there was much back biting between CKNW staff," the judge said. "Loyalty did not seem to be a part of the work ethic at this station."

The judge recalled an incident in which Macrae asked sports reporter Tony Gallagher to contradict everything Davidson said during hockey broadcasts. Gallagher refused, but confirmed the incident in evidence. Macrae denied it happened.

"I disbelieve Macrae, whose whole story lacked the ring of truth, especially his sanctimonious denials of any hostile feelings towards Davidson," the judge said.

"Davidson gave Macrae no reason to like him, yet Macrae pretended to assume a lofty sense of detachment from any conflict with his older colleague."

The judge did accept Macrae's version of the incident in which Davidson threatened him during a hockey game at the Pacific Coliseum.

"Davidson's version was garbled and like most of his testimony was so highly colored as to be almost valueless," the judge said.

But the judge said he could not accept Macrae's insistence that he took Davidson's threat seriously.

"Davidson's words were childish and silly; the kind of thing one little boy says to another in a school yard," the judge said.

"Macrae's actions immediately after the words were uttered were not those of a fearful man; rather, he behaved as though he were looking for a way to use the incident to his best advantage."

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