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06-11-2009, 06:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Vatican Roulette View Post
IIRC, if the player signs after(or he is) 35, then it still counts against the cap. If it's before, then it comes off. This applies to Lidstrom, Draper and Maltby(I think thats all they've got?).

Yes, the NHL will want to cut the loophole out, so get it while you can.
Its not really a loophole. Its more of an incentive for the players/teams to make longterm commitments. It is sorta a bonus for a sub 35 year old to stay with his team till he retires (likely at a low cap hit) given inflation. It discourages team shopping in late years and keeps old players cap hits down for fear they will retire.

So no its not a loophole but an incentive. I doubt it will be removed. To be honest I dont even think it hurts poor teams much. Merely it requires them to put more money upfront and more risk longterm. But between inflation and the growth market its almost guaranteed that the player will be worth more then his cap hit towards the end of the contract. (note i said towards not at the end). Obviously paying Zet 6M as a 40 year old could be a bit of a waste. Though in 10 years 6M will be closer to 2.5M today. Which is bad but not horrible.

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