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06-11-2009, 07:32 PM
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It comes off the cap for players under 35.

Anaheim has used this numerous times the past couple years with Selanne and Niedermayer. They pretend to be retired, but really they're just sitting out until their cap hit comes down to a level where the team can handle it.

I am guessing that if the Wings and the players they have been extending have some sort of gentleman's agreement that when it gets down to the end there, if the cap is still in place and the player is not earning the cap hit, that they will retire and get off the books.

Niedermayer never filed retirement papers since Burke asked him to delay. The way Burke circumvented the cap was to suspend Niedermayer. Thus during the time that Nieds was out, his cap hit did not apply.

Selanne was a free agent. He just had to sign before the deadline for the season, and if he signed to annual amount, the pay would be prorated for the number of days he was actually active.

Otherwise, everyone has it right. No cap hit for an SPC signed before a player is 35 [regardless of the duration of the contract or if a portion of it is during the players' 35+ yrs of age] if the player retires.

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