Thread: Proposal: Stamkos+ for NYI pick
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06-11-2009, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Isles_Guy View Post
yes but what you dont understand is that can be said for anyone or do you always use the obvious truisms to answer evidence? Its like my saying to you that Stamkos could be struck dead by lighting and never play again..... it could happen but it isnt likely to happen. The fact that Tavares has outplayed Stamkos in every league they have both played in and done it at a younger age empirically suggests that he has the capability to do it again. will he only time will tell but considering offensive contexts they play in Stamkos was disappointing this year
Again, you are not getting it conceptually. What I said is simple common sense. People age differently, especially as teenagers. That's a biological fact. It COULD severely impact your comparison. What I'm suggesting is not a big reach. Certainly not like saying someone COULD be hit by lightning.

And your last line was not needed. You shouldn't have to resort to slamming a player to make your favorite look better.

Man, won't you be hating life if the Isle's take Hedman?

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