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Originally Posted by XxLidstromxX View Post
okay so i just hit up the ice for about 2 hours just shooting pucks with my buddies. They all have different curves on there sticks, and some of them have open faces. 1 of them had my old malkin curve, so I tried the low - high follow through, and honestly it was a little better, but getting the top shelf shot was like 1 in 10... So i'm looking into a Gagne or Lidstrom type curve now... Btw im not an all star player, im only 16 and my job is mainly getting the hits, prevent goals and score goals, my wrist shots are really nice, its just the slapper that ****s me up... What kind of training would you recommend towards building strong wrists which could possibly lead to higher slap shots?
Firstly I am a bit of a windbag and apologize ... I am just passionate about things

Hmmm you remind me of the center on my line ... he is 18 years old and a damned good player. he beats several guys all the time and makes great plays but he can't shoot a puck to save his life. His slapshots are weak ones and often dip while he shoots it. He is a small guy and is just a little weak is all in the wrists and arms also he poor mechanics which leaves him not using his leg drive like he should. He has improved lately as we play shinny together every friday (when my bicep isn't torn and i can't play for another 4 months or more *sigh*) we worked on it quite a bit. I worked on his mechanics and using his legs to drive the puck instead of trying to muscle it since he has no muscles in his arms to use.

I should start off by saying I am no expert on playing hockey. I am not the strongest with stick handling to the point of making others look stupid. I am not a fancy fiddle diddle guy. that is okay with me I have hockey smarts and make up for that with smart plays and a great shot. I am not the best player on the ice when our team plays.

I kill penalties and am a checking forward with a heavy shot ... I would probably be a fighter type guy who hits hard and plays with grit. That is okay too .... hockey has room for everyone.

This being said shooting is the only thing I do as well as a pro player period. My friends or brothers have often told me I shoot harder than some pro AHL or NHL players we watch during games or warmups in person when we are down by the glass level watching them.

I can't really tell when I am shooting because I am the one shooting if you know what I mean. I have had University of Maine players tell me they wished they could shoot like I do. That would be Scott Pellerin and Jean Yves Roy from a long time ago. Some semi-pro and pro guys (one guy was a fighter for the St. John's Mapleleafs) rented the ice and I played with them ... while I am average at most other things I am not at shooting pucks. I got great compliments from good players over the years.

I see everyday guys looking at what I am using when playing shinny hockey and it gets kind of funny sometimes because it really doesn't matter. I do not buy top of the line hockey stick shafts or blades. I buy whatever is available usually though I am a bit more fussy to get my curve I like.

The curve I use has not much to do with slapshots but more to do with playing both wings, I need a mild curve for backhand passing purposes and I do not like an open face because of how I shoot wristshots and I want to have the toe flat for a backhand shot on the off wing. I compromise and use a blade pattern that is more or less universal in strengths for different uses. Killing penalties I need a straighter type blade for backhand clears or blocking shots and stealing passes.

I have enough curve for half decent wristshots yet a mild blade face curve for things like redirecting passes or touch passing. I love give and go passing with a team mate.

I have never bought a curve because of a name on it ever because honestly the curve with their name on it is not even the curve they really use. it is just a name on it for a selling point because obviously they sell more when a pro player's name is on it. besides that most other people do not even use a curve I would want to use and i do not care if they are a pro or not.

I used to use wood and curved them myself removing the curve that was pre-shaped at the factory. I would heat it up over a stove burner and wedge it in a door crack where the hinges are and bend them to my liking. Often I would lay it on the floor blade face down and take most of the curve out of it so it was a straighter blade by standing on the backside of the blade while it was hot.

Anyway to answer your question about strengthening your arms I really do not know because it has never been an issue with me. I am sure it will be soon enough when I start using my torn bicep again because I will need to strengthen it before being able to play again to prevent more injury.

I used to shoot pucks off of a junky kitchen table top that had a formica surface. I took the legs off and just had it in the backyard lying on the ground. It was great practice for shooting pucks.

You also do not even need real pucks as a tennis ball will do you well too which you can shoot anywhere. In fact it may help you to practice rising the slapshots by experimenting with your followthroughs.

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