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06-11-2009, 11:31 PM
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Originally Posted by DeadPool View Post
Why all the venom on Quebecor?

The 2nd biggest Quebec corporation (after Power Co.) wants to buy the province's only major sports team and you people are *****ing about it.

I'm sorry for the Molson family but they SOLD this team a decade ago to an American businessman. We all know what happened to another Montreal franchise that was sold to an American interest. Thankfully, this one flourished (thanks to the 2002 run, which setup the whole ''WE LOVE THE HABS'' craziness of this decade). We were freaking lucky we didn't get a Loria.

Would anyone whine if Mike Bloomberg or Donald Trump bought the NY Rangers? Or if Mark Cuban would become owner of the Dallas Stars?

The biggest french-speaking media conglomerate in North-America would buy the most storied franchise in Hockey. Don't you think that company would do EVERYTHING in it's power to make that franchise the crown-jewel of it's empire.

I'd rather have the Habs in their hands then in the Molson (Who bailed once on us) or some Americans.

As for TVA-SPORTS, I'm sorry but RDS has a monopoly. TSN has Sportsnet, TSN-2 has The Score, competition is good. Why should 1 network run the whole Quebec Television sports scene? Another channel might give us some LHJMQ hockey, live Impact games etc... was molson/coors that sold the habs the last time, not the molsons. The first is a company that owned and subsequently sold the habs the the molsons, well its the family and the members of the family itself that want to buy the habs. the molson family never owned the habs, it was their company.

And you should be scared by what pkp has said he do with the habs. Just his remarks last week when ganiey hired martin should send chills down your spine. That remark smacks of an owner who would make hockey decisions and meddle in the team's day-to-day operations. A la tampa bay and mlse, you know, the maple laughs ownership group that brought down the leafs and made them a laughing stock. And dont compare him to steinbrenner, pkp admitted he knows NOTHING about hockey so there you go.

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