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06-11-2009, 11:49 PM
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Originally Posted by skipper49 View Post
Okay I'll bite. So are you guys saying that when Rinne lost it was because the team didn't play well in front of him and Ellis lost because he played poorly? Rinne has alot of promise as a goaltender. He is still young as goalies go and will develop more composure in time. The truth of the matter is his goals against in the last 7 league games was around 3.57. His save% was less than .90 Whose fault is that anyway? Also, many of those goals were scored off of his own rebounds because he had difficulty moving his large frame once he went down AS MOST TALL GOALIES DO. You can put whatever spin you want on things and I don't mind getting into it but let's talk about facts and not rosy-glassed perceptions.
I don't really care if Ellis plays in Nashville next season or not. I imagine he would like to move on to a team that aspires to finish higher than 8th in the league every year. I just can't wait to listen to some of you fumble over your words when Rinne gets usurped by Pickard because the management/coach cares more about the Calder Trophy than they do about getting past the first round.

2.38 GAA and .917 SVV pct for Rinne is a fact. 2.93 GAA and .9 SVV for Ellis is another fact. Rinne was the better goalie last year. You mention how those numbers went down in his last 7 games. You forgot to mention that Pekka started in about 25 games in a row at that point and while you MAY be right fatigue is a likely factor as it was his rookie year and he has to run the gauntlet. Also since you are talking about Rinne losing the job already, Chris Mason was supposed to take Vokoun's spot after the sale of the team, he was in our system for years and the coaches had faith in him. Ellis was kind of a monkey wrench as Mason was supposed to be the starter for a year or two then Rinne would be eased in. This is great because Ellis would have never been discovered otherwise, but while he was not all that bad this year Rinne was much better and Im sure Dan himself would say that.

Now we all know you are likely a Dan Ellis fan from Iowa or back in Canada or something. Most of us here like Dan, and would love for him to be our back up. With our money situation, his name is getting thrown around because he could be a starter somewhere and get us something in return, if not then we be upset if somehow Rinne falters but we know we have a capable guy.

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