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Originally Posted by Kiraly View Post
From what I know, the following is a list of Hungarian prospects playing outside of Hungary:

Hetenyi, PeterRed Bull SalzburgAustriaD1991/01/2718
Bartalis, IstvanTroja LjungbySwedenF1990/09/0718
Dancsfalvi, Norbert KosiceSlovakiaF1990/07/1018
Fekti, Adam Red Bull SalzburgAustriaF1992/05/0617
Hari Janos FarjestadSwedenF1992/05/0317
Pavuk, Attila Hoosac OwlsUnited StatesF1991/08/0617
Somogyi, BalazsRed Bull SalzburgAustriaF1991/06/2317
Gallo, IllesBeli Medvedi RussiaF1992/09/2816
Hentes, KristofKloten FlyersSwitzerlandF1993/01/1616
Nemes, BenjaminDjurgardensSwedenF1993/03/1816
Farkas, SimonNorth York RangersCanadaF 16
Sebok, BalazsOulun Karpat FinlandF1994/12/2414
Kocsis, FerencLahti PelicansFinlandF 14
Hari, Norbert FlemmingsbergSwedenF  14
Agardy, Akos Trenton Golden HawksCanadaG1988/12/2220

Im sure this table will need to be revised as there will likely be other signings to come.

I read it in the comment section of a Hungarian hockey blog. The commenter also indicated that Team Europe won the game 4 to 1.

I don't really follow handball, but I believe Croatia is one of the better teams...

...could be a tough one for Hungary.

As for the Croatian fans, every country has a contingent of supporters they are not proud of. I'm sure the vast majority of Croatian fans are great.
ok thanks for the info,I appreciate it.

well, about handball, i don t follow it much either, but it was big news here that we defeated you in such an important game like the one on wdnesday was. and yes fans might be idiots everywhere, but ive never seen 15 000 people behave s such pigs as the Croatians did, of course I dont have anything about Croatian people, theyre very nice, but.....Plus it is better for us if you win.
EDIT: Im not gonna comment on handball anymore, since actually its better for us if you lose, i guess i should check the info i gte next time....

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