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Originally Posted by Not The One View Post
In what way is GG right now a very very good owner? I don't get it at all. The guy has profited handsomly from his purchase, and has been using the profits as well as the Bell Center and the franchise itself it to prop up other less profitable assets in his empire.
So, because he profits from the business, he's not a good owner? Good owners can't make money out of their franchise?
Now in the midst of the storied 100th year of the franchise, that the marketing dept has been hyping for years, he publicly decides to offer the team to the highest bidder. Before the end of the season, and in the middle of a hard playoff year. Is this the hallmark of a good owner? Now it has to be done as quickly as possible so Gillett can get his money fast, and it may cost us any chance of a positive offseason.
There's this thing, they call it a "depression", it's happening right now and it caused hundreds of corporations and banks to go bankrupt, maybe you didn't notice it? Don't you think it's related to Gillette selling the habs?

Or do you think that Gillette genuinely want to sell the team right now? That he's not forced to do it? That he was planing to sell the team right in the middle of the 100th from the begining?
This is people's definition of a very very good owner? Really?
No, the definition of a good owner is one who spend to the cap and stay away from hockey operation. PKP already shown he's not willing to do the latter, and I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him spend under the cap because it would make perfectly sense with regards to his statements regarding how he wants to manage the franchise.

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