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06-12-2009, 10:31 AM
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Here's what I got:

First, like everyone else said, if you're playing D you don't want those slappers to get above the knees of the goalie. If you're at the point and shoot higher than his knees, you're just going to bounce the puck off either a teammate who will be ticked off to get a headhunter, or if it goes through the goalie will probably have had plenty of time and space to see a puck come at him at glove height. Few goalies are going to be laying down in their net when the puck is at the blue line.

Second, if you want to get the shot up higher, have the puck closer to your front leg in your shooting stance. As your stick comes across your body and passes the midpoint, it starts rotating upward. Keeping the puck towards your front foot means the blade is traveling forward and up instead of just forward, and that sends the puck in the air. Most people recommend shooting from the middle of the blade for slappers, although I think it depends on the curve.

Third, I'm a fan of the P88 because it's got a gradual curve throughout the blade, which means it's predictable for me. The face isn't as open so my shots stay low when they need to, but I can still up the puck, get lots of spin on it, and send it up high if need be. I'm a forward who moved back to defense recently, and my shots from the point are all six inches or so off the ice, and for the most part they reach the net at a good speed.

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