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06-12-2009, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Staalin87 View Post
I'm assuming you meant 100 flex there, idk why he wouldn't be able to use a 100 flex stick, the guy who created the thread is 6'2" i think 200ish. seems about right to me.
no i meant 110 flex. people suggesting that is ridiculous. and really, unless the OP is playing in a competitive B/A league, (or AAA or AA or whatever, but assuming his height and age he is an adult player) the 85 will work fine.

We really dont try in A league anymore and most of us have dropped down to 85, a couple (myself included) are still playing with 100s but we are stronger and better hockey players and have better shots all around than the OP assuming he is not an A league type player, so, i dont see why he'd NEED a 100 flex.

the 100 will work for you, im just not convinced it is necessary. however i dont know what level you play at, so i cant really tell if you are decent (college level in prime) or not. if you couldn't play college (****** college works too) i dont really think you need a 100. get whatever you like though. go to lhs and take some wrist shots with same stick in 85/100, and ask if you can take some slappers with them (offer to pay for stick if you break it) and get what feels best.

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