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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
You can't equate NHLers/CHLers to 11-12 year olds; that's just ridiculous.

I don't think hitting scares kids away as much as it serves no purpose when kids are that young. The negatives far outweigh any benefits especially considering most 11-12 year olds haven't even developed proper muscle mass to make hitting an effective part of their does nothing but risk injury.

Of course you must be tough both physically and mentally to play, but that IS secondary to the basic fundamentals of the game (skating, passing, shooting, etc.).....especially when you're 12.
You're typical 11-12 year old isn't anywhere near as physically or mentally as tough as even a 15 year old.....nor should they be expected to be.
The issue is some players start playing junior at 15.So you could have some players who are just learning to hit while some have been playing contact for 4 or 5 years.

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