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Originally Posted by Persuasion View Post
I hear HIIT (high intensity interval training) is preferred method for hockey from people nowadays.

Its basically: rest -high intense sprint for 30s- rest for 10 - and repeat

There are many variations (such as walk, sprint, walk) at different speeds so I guess its up to preference. Things such as the Tabita method might work too.

I honestly don't know how it helps IMO since I have not gotten off my lazy ass to give it a shot. Maybe tomorrow I will try
See, I very much disagree and have heavy success with other methods. I think it matters a lot on the person/genetics, because my brother and uncle ran 10k's for fun and I used to play basketball for 4-5 hours in a row when I was younger. If you're talking specifically about longer-term conditioning within one shift, you need to do something very intense for approximately how long a sequences of shifts would last, e.g. do one shift of x, then stop for as long as you'd be on the bench for and repeat a whole period's length. That's always worked really well for me, but I think it might be different for you.

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