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06-13-2009, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Newhabfan View Post
- Gainey and Martin claim to follow the Red Wings model - it was clear last night it's choker and failure model. We should use the Penguins model instead.

Wings have 5 cups in 12 years + at least one final appearance. By the Penguins model, do you mean the "Tank and draft top 3 for three straight years" ????

- If we-re going to draft Russians, at least draft good ones like Malkin not lousy Kostytsyns, Grabovski's and Plekanec.

Yep, good old rusky Plekanec. How can we draft a "Malkin" when we never draft in the top 3?

- Team ownership should belong to ex stars. There are plenty of ex Habs great names that would be willing to be our own Mario Lemieux. Think about Lafleur or Beliveau or Patrick Roy.

Oh my god, what a disaster it would be if Lafleur owned the team. Mario most likely stays away from hockey operations and he isn't outdated since he played in the 2000s.

Only name that would make sense is Patrick Roy. He at least learned the ropes in the minors and will be ready to go in the Bigs soon.

- Our young superstars should be asked to live with great ex players. Imagine Price living with Guy Lafleur who would treat him like a son and teach him the basic values needed to be a proud Hab player.

Oh my god. This is hilarious. Lafleur couldn't even teach his own son good and decent values. What in the hell makes you think he could teach them to someone else's son?

- We should try and have Balsilie offer to buy and move us too. This will bring Bettman to do his best so we get good players and favorable refs so that we can build us a fanbase. Worked for the Pens...


- Feel free to add your precious insights...
I doubt this is a serious post though.

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